A TRAGEDY IN THE FAMILY In 1997, my father lost his job as CEO of a successful advertising agency. He was the sole breadwinner of the family and it was a blow to our luxurious lifestyle. Eventually we lost everything we had, the house, the cars and our riches. Because of this my mother tried to commit suicide but she survived three attempts. My parents felt hopeless and confused so my mother left with my sister to another country. I stayed behind with my dad in Manila.

My father and I decided to part ways too after a year, I was 18 then. I didn’t like seeing him all drugged up and boozed out so I decided to stay with my best cousin just to forget how depressing my life was.

Then one day my Aunt L. kicked me out to stay in my grandmother’s house. My grandmother passed away and we have relatives occupying her house. Aunt L. wanted me to stay with Aunt M. to take care of her. Aunt M. was supposedly being harassed by a witch and she might be going crazy. I refused to stay with Aunt M. because I was afraid she might be contagious, I was also on the brink of insanity because of my family problems. So she evicted me and I was forced to babysit my distraught Aunt M.


I stayed with Aunt M. together with her husband and 4 children. My Uncle M. and her mistress and their 3 kids also lived in that house. I wasn’t expecting anything weird or macabre but to my dismay I gradually found out that Aunt M. was not really demented after all.

I started to notice unusual things in the house. I used to live there as a kid and I literally grew up in that house. But the atmosphere was not as cheerful as before and it seemed dark and dreary inside. And Aunt M. didn’t really behave like a lunatic. She was scared sometimes yes, but all in all she was nice to hang around with, very funny and accommodating. We grew very close and she then started confiding in me.

She recounted the suffering my grandmother went through before she passed away. She admitted that my grandmother was actually a victim of witchcraft and she was slowly being poisoned by Uncle M.’s mistress so she could have the house to herself and her family. Now after ridding of my grandmother, the mistress wants to get her out of the house too and she is trying to scare my Aunt M. to death. I thought it was incredulous but I didn’t say anything to offend her.

Days and months have passed when I witnessed strange things happen in that house. For example, I was hanging around the living room one afternoon when a swarm of insects that look like locusts would hover around the house making buzzing and crunching noises. That scared me a lot. It must have been 200-500 angry insects that wanted revenge. It was like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie. My Aunt M. then gave me this look that says I told you so. There were also dead kittens popping up out of nowhere all throughout the house. A ritual sacrifice? I can’t say. But my mind tells me this is not normal.

My Uncle N., Aunt M.’s better half, was also being victimized through black magic. He was always looking weak and sickly, almost paralyzed. It was as if something was sucking the life out of him. In my Aunt’s frustration, she placed a large crucifix on him while he was lying down and like the dead coming back to life, the color came back to his face and he was looking well again.

I played the silent observer all throughout this ordeal. It was very hard to swallow whatever it was that I was dealing with here. I never imagined to see evil right on my doorstep. But I was forced to face my demons the day my mother came back from abroad.


My mother went home for good and she had nowhere else to go. So we stayed in my grandmother’s house. My mother and Uncle M.’s mistress was never in good terms. And on her first night at the house, a very disturbing incident occurred. At 3 am, she woke me up with her agonizing scream. She then recounted to me how she was awakened after seeing 4 shadows hovering over her. The 4 entities started to strangle her and choke her to death. Good thing she said to herself Jesus and Mary please help me. The evil spirits fled after that.

My blood boiled and my heart was bursting with anger after that mishap. I planned to stop the witch for good. I didn’t believe fighting fire with fire so I chose to be wiser and sided with the most powerful, the Alpha and the Omega, Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin. So what I did was, I lighted a candle and prayed the rosary. I asked God and Mother Mary to protect us from witchcraft and that whatever harm the witch brings upon us would go back to her tenfold. Everyday I would pray the rosary to deliver us from her sorcery.

God is good. Whatever you ask Him, He will never refuse unless it will do you harm. When I reached out to God in prayer, he started to guide me and show me how to fight back. He would choose to communicate with me through simple things. There was this one time that my Aunt M. gave me a St. Jude novena. She told me to ask for favors from St. Jude because he is the Patron Saint of impossible cases. Another instance was while I was watching TV there was this show that was teaching its viewers how to fight evil spirits by using the St. Benedict medal and lighting an incense. I felt God’s hand guide me all throughout my struggle with my wicked witch of an Aunt.


The house eventually transformed when I turned to God for help. It grew brighter and more cheerful as if a dark veil was lifted from it. The sun seemed to enter the house more freely now. But that did not stop the witch from attacking me. I would get intense headaches or stomachaches that make me feel like I’m dying. I would then pray harder and I would light a candle and incense. And I would spread some holy water all throughout the house. The witch’s plants would wither and die after I sprinkle holy water on them. These are probably the herbs that she uses for her magic spells.

That’s the thing with witches. They never run out of tricks to play on you. And they invite more witches to haunt you. That is why I would always pray and communicate with the Lord because no one else would protect me 24/7 against these demons. I would also invoke many angels and saints to guard me and guide me.

The witch started to notice that her attempts on my life were futile. So one time she tried to cast a spell on me just a few meters away from where I was taking my lunch. These witches are very sneaky and they will never admit to you how evil they are and how they
are inflicting you harm. But she was getting frustrated with me so she was trying to literally scare me off my seat. I felt her evil intention so I started to invoke all the angels and saints that I know because I was getting freaked out. What I did was I made a simple prayer like this: St. Jude, pray for us., St. Benedict, pray for us., and so on. I called on 13 heavenly entities to come to my rescue and they did come to my aid. My Aunt was shocked out of her wits. Remember when I said that witches were sneaky? Well, when she was putting one on me she was not facing me. She was on her side while summoning her minions. When I did my own summoning before she can even cast some black magic on me, she suddenly turned to my direction with her eyes almost rolling out of their sockets. She was dumbfounded. Her eyes were very wide in disbelief. That’s when I realized that I was surrounded by all the 13 saints and angels that I prayed to and they all appeared as divine spirits that came to support me. I felt so blessed and so fortunate in their presence. Since then I told my self that I can always count on God and all my angels and saints to protect me and my family against evil in all forms.

The wicked witch continued to inflict harm on me, my mother and my relatives. But her attempts would all be in vain. You see, all her magic spells and incantations would have no more effect on us and it would all go back to her tenfold, for heaven does not turn a deaf ear to those who believe. The more she tried to attack us, the more she would get sick. She would make choking sounds and act as if she cannot breathe. Her face would then get boils and disgusting outbreaks. By then my Aunt M. was never scared again and my Uncle N. was perfectly healthy now. The witch was now the one who was always scared and sick, and she looked like she was going to die any moment. Finally, she asked my mother if I could stop killing her. She said she didn’t want to die. I was glad she admitted her crimes. It was all very surreal to me. It was no fun undergoing all that crazy stuff but evil is very real and we must not underestimate the devil and its minions, I assure you they are very real.


Never in my life did I imagine to be some kind of hero against evil. But somehow these witches keep ruining my life and they are always a part of the family. So if ever you fall prey to witchcraft, I guarantee it is somebody you personally know, like a friend or a relative. Other times it can be a jealous rival. Take this 2 more witches who tried to attack my family. While my mother was abroad, she related how the wife of my Uncle J. wanted to possess her body. She even saw how my Aunt C. transformed into a monster and tried to suck the life out of her. In her frightened state, she prayed the Apostle’s Creed, a very powerful prayer and then the demon vanished into thin air. After that, she would always pray the rosary and asked for the Blessed Virgin’s protection. Another witch came into our lives when the mistress of my Uncle D. went to live with us in my grandmother’s house after they were evicted from their apartment. Aunt L. was very friendly at first. I never thought she was actually a witch until her own grandchild would curse her after she put a spell on him. She would always pretend that she was praying the rosary while she would curse you behind your back. That’s a witch all right! And the major reasons why they would cast a spell on someone is because of plain envy and greed. No matter how kind you are to them, they would stick a knife on your back anytime they please. If only they knew what awaits them in the afterlife, I’m sure they would never have chosen to summon demons and cast spells.

Nowadays I trust the Lord to watch over me and my family. I never fail to pray the rosary and the 15 prayers everyday, totally relying on God's promises. And all I have for my wicked Aunts is the hope that one day they will repent and mend their ways. For as long as there is life, there is hope. If I could save their souls from eternal damnation, I would. So I include them in my prayers each day. After finishing the rosary, I would say this: " I bind my family and friends and my Aunts with this holy rosary,through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love You, save souls.

The end.


  1. Oh my...what a story. I felt like I was reading a short story from a book.
    If this actually was/is your life...I am sorry for the situation s that caused all of the demise that your family was put through.
    They say that does not kill us only makes us stronger....but in some cases I have to wonder if part of us does not actually die inside.


    1. Yes it is truth witchcraft is real but the Lord will teach you how to fight that is the good part

    2. Yes it is truth witchcraft is real but the Lord will teach you how to fight that is the good part

  2. Regardless of religion or faith practice, the intention and action to seek God's help in times of trouble always works. God never forsakes His children. Continue to seek God for strength and help as He is strongest in our weakness. By His grace we live.

  3. Yes...I fear no evil for God is with me, to protect and defend me. He will not let me down. I say his powerful name, Jesus, help me, and evil forces quiver and shiver at the mention of my Messiah.

  4. Yes the the statement "I Plead the Blood of Jesus" or "Jesus" is the most powerful words you can use against demon. Once a man possessed tried to attack me and I said "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" he fell out like a dead man. It was the devil inside of him that was zonked out. Later the poor soul came too and never had a clue what took place. Many people now are in this condition,living themselves as open housing to satans demons. If you want to prevent this. Get sincerely & seriously save. ASK Jesus to come into you heart, confess your sins to Jesus and ask Jesus to forgive you and he does according to John 3:16. If your catholic as I am both born again and catholic. There is greatness in both faiths. Holy water, cruxific, menthol vapors around the house demons/witches do not like. I have a swarm of flies, and 2 days ago nates around and rosaries and menthol and prayers to Jesus, and Mary has done wonders. It's very say that these people in witchcraft think the devil are going to give them eternal like when he can't create, did make anything, and plus he is hatred and death and this is going to be their trick reward for being used and deceived for eternity. PLEASE YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT BE DECIEVED OR BELIEVE THAT THEIR IS GLAMOUR IN WITCHCRAFT & SATANISM THE DEVIL PLACES FOR KEEPS AND WILL MAKE IT VERY HARD FOR YOU TO LEAVE HIM WHEN YOU DISCOVER THE GRIME REALITY. YOU SEE I MEET SOMEONE WHOM DENOUCE JESUS AND GAVE HIS SOUL IN CA. IN THE TEMPLE OF SATAN. I SAW THIS 6 FOOT 2IN RICH HANDSOME MAN ON THUNDERSTORM DAYS TURN INTO A RAT BEFORE MY EYES. IT' WAS THE DEMON INSIDE HIM. CHARLES WAS HIS NAME AND HE WAS AFRAID TO BE ALONE. IF YOUR READY TO BECOME A PRISONER, AND BE TAKEN OVER BY A DEMON THAT IS A CREATE THEN THAT IS WHAT YOUR IN FOR. PLEASE EXCEPT JESUS SO YOU CAN GET TO HEAVEN AND LIVE WITH THE VERY BEST WHERE THE STREETS ARE PAVED WITH GOLD, EVERY THING GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL IS WAITING THERE FOR YOU AT THAT PLACE. PLEASE WAKE U!!! EXCEPT CHRIST

  5. This is powerful stuff. I am 44 years old and did not realise that I was under the attack of witchcraft until 4 years ago. My muother was the witch and i am still battling it. She has done so much damage that, looking back I do not know how I am still standing. The Lord has been my strength and these attacks made me move closer to God.

  6. Hi darling men, sorry you want to blame us woman as being a witch but men can be quit the warlock themselves. Just ye don't forget all those pagan stories about witches killing evil warlocks and evil catholic Satanists who tortured people. Sometimes good people are evil and witches can be quit good. I know some Wicca and they hate evil and drink holey water. They worship the Gods and nature spirits and believe harm none. Most evil witches are looney Satanists who know nothing about the Mother Earth or nature spirits and the Goddess. I never worship pagan Gods but i Im an angel invocation-er and I do angel magic. What is wrong with that? Nothing just the men who know nothin' about it?

    1. male or female dont matter ,if everyone worried about there own problems there would not be that many, you can kill people by really trying to help. you dont know what is best for your self. let alone anyone else...Jesus is real,the bibles real,and the devil has no problem tricking people. if your not scared you dont know what your talking about.

  7. Okay I'm relate to that because I have really sick aunt and what about say is scary but so very ture. My aunt maryed my x uncle some time ago but his family we call them Rodriguez snakes they hated us specialy my aunt for no reason I guess you call it opposite rival familys fights among cousin just pure hate it was almost as if was a war between Cavadas ,Diaz vs Rodriguez . Those bastards did witchcraft on my aunt and still right know aunt the doctors were looking her problem why she had lines or why the thing Is they coudint find noting . Now found liver problems her is failing and my side of family were wondering let get a white witch and what she had found was is that in the family Rodriguez ther are two harming her doing these things her a man and woman and they are doing ritual ceremony's for her dimise so the white witch tolds to pray for everyday and she said il handle this two months later she died and she had someting to tell us after a week my other aunt got a healer and he said thire is an evil persense here with her and he got really scared and tried explain her whereabouts and said ther is something here I have to go maybe let talk somewhere else so my dad said fine then let's go and truns and looks at me you come with me lets go the guy was scared he said that his life was In danger and my dad said just the other day a white witch died trying to Save her and the guy looked at my dad said and you don't menchin this to me didn't you think that was valuable information and by the way get her Husband out of ther if you want her to be safe he's the reason why she like he's dangerous physically as well as spiritually so my dad his up to him tells him get out now if you know wats go for you my uncle was like relax and my uncle Luis punches him in face and fight got stared my dad then picks up my x uncle and tells him get the hell out here if You don't I will kill you my self motherfucker and he runs with a busted face riped shirt full of blood then he filed charges on my uncle for assult bettry and father for threting him to kill him so we haven't seen him sence stood away from my aunt oooo and just three day ago the put something on our doorstep I have no idea but we called healer and he said did any one touch it we said he said good lets burn it so we got gasoline set that shit on fire man I was sure that wean that lit on fire sparked and you hear sizzling and with all that sizzling you can hear screams almost as if it were alive man every one heard that watching that thing combust we are praying to our lord everyday

  8. My family and I have battled with witchcraft on and off throughout our lives. And like the author says above, its all about greed and envy. I don't understand how someone can harm someone else just out of greed, anger, etc. Your life is what you make it. If you choose to feel sorry for yourself and spend your life as a victim, you'll never get anywhere. My problem is that I am too trusting, and there really is evil people out there. Our only weapon against evil is our Lord God. I have woken up in the middle of the night feeling like someone is trying to stop my heart. Other times, I have felt really bad dizzy spells come on all of a sudden, then I start feeling very confused and unable to concentrate. As soon as I start to rebuke it, I start feeling better. If I pray constantly and repeatedly throughout the day for several days without missing, all of a sudden they leave me alone and I don't feel anything for a long time. Evil does exist, you just need to make sure you trust in the Lord and reach out to him for his help and protection.

  9. My is Filipina and has an Aunt M in her family too.
    Both my wife and myself have faced much ill health, maybe Aunt M is cursing us as we wont 'lend' her money or enter into any business with her.
    When I was hospitalized my wife's family in Filipinas engaged a person to pray for us and light candles.
    Maybe it helped as I'm still here, mainly recovered.

  10. Love the article. when i was a kid there was a witch hassling Us and Causing disease and Illness. Fortunatly the lord saved us from Evil. Remember he loves you.

  11. Please tell me how to fight witchcraft pleasevmessagem me personal.

  12. Never ever indulge in witchcraft. So basically you used witchcraft against witchcraft. Stop burning candles in the way you used them. And never call on Mary or any other people but Jesus alone. All demons are subject to the name of Jesus and the power of his resurrection and blood. Mary and nobody else died for our sins. The devil knows that and witches know that too.

  13. Yes, been through this so much in the past, and again as I try to help free another from the clutches of a someone very evil and powerful... hoping all this prayer will be enough's so exhausting. I only worry about the above info in that there are 'witch hunts' because of false beliefs that lump all 'witches' into the same category.. I just call the bad ones, black magicians, evil sorcerers etc. Much of witchcraft is very much in line with Christian based/ angelic based sprituality, along with others.. just works with more earth elements as well, and most witches out there do the work of god on earth in various ways. But true when it comes to the darkest issues, it is really essential to call in help and light from above. Anyways, so glad to hear these things work for you all, it's really rough.. but bear with it, keep the faith and stay protected!! Also try to avoid making any bad decisions, such as anything that makes you uncomfortable while you're in touch with the highest... prevention is gold..

  14. My aunt is a college professor at LSU in Baton Rouge. She moved to Louisiana years ago on assignment from Satan to destroy me. He convinced her that I was her competition and she did above and beyond her call of duty to disrupt and distract my peace and progress. The epitome of pure unadulterated evil. Satan embodied her. She is so wicked that she honestly can't stand herself. Two years ago, Holy Spirit gave me a vision of her being thrown down into hell and burning. Burning and melting in molten rock and hot lava. There were huge maggots/worms eating away at her bones. They could withstand the heat! She melted and burned there for eternity. I personally believe that she blasphemed the Holy Spirit out of hatred for God and in order to solidify her place and power in Satan. Her home recently flooded in Baton Rouge and the closet where she did all her cursing (where her tools are) saw a lot of damage. It's unreal. I ask that you all pray for Louisiana. I believe the judgment of God is coming for that place. There is so much witchcraft and it goes beyond color or ethnic background. May God have mercy on to people as He judges the wicked.