The following are a series of questions to ask yourself in order to find out if a witch or evil spirit is harming you...

1. Do you feel like someone has cursed you?

2. Are you suffering from an incurable or mysterious ailment that no doctor can explain?

3. Are you having weird or bad dreams and even macabre daydreams?

4. Are you suddenly seeing ghosts, ghouls, monsters or demons?

5. Are you experiencing physical or sexual abuse caused by an invisible entity or evil spirit?

6. Do you believe that you are possessed by an evil spirit?

7. Do you believe that your house is being haunted by ghosts or bad spirits?

8. Do you feel that you are always suffering from bad luck?

9. Do you feel hopeless, depressed or restless all the time?

10. Have you lost your appetite and your will to live?

If you have answered yes to at least two of these questions, then you seriously need help. Demons and evil spirits have become rampant nowadays. Much evil is prowling all around this world and you must be prepared to defend yourself before the darkness engulfs you forever.


  1. How does one defend themselves when it all doesn't seem the same? Does it matter what kind of curse it is, how it's done, if its done frequently, etc?

    1. Hi Dana,

      If you feel something is very wrong with you emotionally or spiritually, the best food is prayer. Pray for enlightenment and guidance.
      Most of the time though, if you feel down or lethargic, exercise is the answer. Getting the blood flowing results to a good mood and overall physical and emotional well-being.

      Hope this helps!

  2. wenx, i just viewed ur profile.... and i have read this blog... i want to know how to fight the witch craft.. because as my father would tell us whenever he will go for work he will pain all over his body and when he is at work it will suddenly go away. Same with my mom she had a fever with an unknown origin.. and since im a nurse i had her take antibiotic which was for no avail... her fever ended when she wore her undies backwards (as one of her supertitious believe when she felt she was being cast by a spell). This things all started when my mother and my aunt had a fight with one of our neighbors whom had already a history of witch craft because as i can remember she already cast a spell with my said aunt.. and now she is attacking my family... what can i do? what prayers can we pray and sacramentals we should use to protect me and my family from her witchcraft... hope to hear from u.. u can contact me thru my email tnx.. hope to hear from u wenx

    1. Ok real witchs won't harm you for one reason they believe in the law of three what ever they send out they get back three times stronger the chances of a witch casting a spell on you is less then wining the lottery but if you do truly believe that your cursed there are ways you can fix it spells to brake the curse and other things hope this helps :)