All these years I didn't think my enemies would still dare to attack me. But like I said witches are sneaky and they will never forget a grudge. So I caught one of them nasty hags on the act while terrorizing me. I have just finished reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and it is a book about using creative visualization in order to achieve your dreams (in case you are part of the minority that has not read this book yet). I decided to give it a shot while I was on my break at work. The best spot I chose to visualize was on the 12th floor of our building in front of the glass window. I was feeling a natural high and an adrenaline rush just thinking about what I wanted to have and become when suddenly I saw a tall, dark shadow in front of me.

I can clearly see that the shape was that of a woman with long hair and piercing eyes. I can feel the negative energy and anger coming from this black figure standing between me and my dreams. Clearly some evil entity did not want me to be free to succeed and be happy to do whatever I wanted. I never doubted for a moment that this is one of my wicked aunts who is still seeking revenge. She wanted to hurt me so bad that she's even casting a spell on me in broad daylight. She can't even wait for the witching hour.
That experience taught me to be on guard all the time. I made it a habit to include all 3 witches in my everyday prayers. I offer at least one rosary for them each day and pray for their conversion. One can never be too complacent, for the devil is always ready to pounce on you in your weakest moments. So try the same exercise one time to check if you are already falling prey to the evil clutches of a witch. Meditation is also an effective tool in catching a witch on the act. Time to de-stress and exorcise those demons!


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  2. Wow, lots of supernatural occurrences all over your site. It's not a boring read. Visit my blog as well as I also practice the law of attraction and the powerful state of life awareness which is something that complements one's free will.

  3. Thank you both. I appreciate your comments. Your blogs are also very useful. Great job! God bless...Wenko

  4. Dear friend, I appreciate your web page. I have learned my life story is similar to yours, we lost everything and it appears to be witchcraft and I am currently praying everyday for healing. Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows(the 7 sorrows chaplet), especially in combination with St. Joseph, is also a powerful weapon. One of the promises is Our Lady will fight your battles with the 'infernal enemy.' I was told this by an exorcist from the US.

    Regarding The Secret, this book is akin to the New Age and witch craft. I would highly recommend you stop reading it! It's a trap! Jesus supplies all of our needs, He does not want us using manipulative 'laws of attraction' meditation on the universe like a Buddhist. Please google The Secret and Catholic reviews or New Age to see what I am saying. Best of luck to you!

  5. I totally agree with you there my friend.

    I have been a victim of all these positive thinking movement/books/philosophy. Having suffered so much, I was desperate before to improve my financial status so I wanted to try everything.

    But eventually it got overwhelming and felt really stupid believing all those books esp. The Secret. It totally disillusions the human mind and pulls us away from God. Once we stop trying too hard to get what we want and start trying to be GRATEFUL for God's every ocean of blessings will flow and every prayer will be answered and more. We just have to believe in God not in the world.

    God bless you and thank you for sharing!

  6. I lived with a witch almost 12 years and never knew it! They are very secretive and possessive!!

  7. I am 36 and she is acting like I'm a little girl. She watches me having sex!!! And she and her cohorts have me locked into it! I never knew for years! My cousin who is also a witch did it too.. whats even wierder is they raised me christian! Totally blinded. I feel like a virgin sacrifice. They pretended to be christian while secretly attacking me from behind with curses and condescending behavior. I've been trapped in this cult like situation which has no name for it! It's totally abusive and there's no way to say it's like voyeurism and I can't get help for it from th epolice either! They said I was "insane"!!!. They are witches! My first hint was them going along with things that they didn't think I knew about and denying it.

  8. I have a witch and she is my neighbor,she pretends to be a churchgoer but uses supernatural means to watch me and my activities.
    She has tried to destroy my destiny and attacks me at night. I feel pressed in d night by some being.
    I have prayed and prayed and I know GOd has been merciful to me.
    What do I do to catch this woman when she tries to come to my room in the night? I really want to destroy her....cos she has killed many people in my street, plz help me out.